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Consulting Services


Imagine Chicago offers consulting services to community, corporate and government partners on civic and youth engagement, appreciative inquiry, strengthening collaboration, strategic visioning, event design and civic curriculum or project development. We support and mentor organizations and communities as they consider engaging new constituencies , improving communications or creating community vision plans or projects, including new Imagine initiatives. Consulting services are offered on site as well as via phone and email, by the hour or the day. Consulting services are often coupled with providing training, facilitation or helping with project design and implementation. Examples include working with Pierce County, Washington in the design of a new environmental outreach project, work with the cities of Calgary and Durban on their respective Imagine initiatives on urban sustainability, work with the Cares of Life project in London on health outreach to hard-to-reach communities, work with the city of St Helens in the UK on the development of their Community Empowerment Network, and work with Richmond Region 2007 on designing a large scale community event as part of the Jamestown 400th anniversary celebration entitled: We Are the Change: Democracy and Inclusion in the 21st Century. Please contact us if you are interested in working together.

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