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Imagine Chicago has found certain tools and practices especially useful in engaging groups in thinking about their future in a way that bridges difference and inspires and expresses creativity.  - view foundational tools in our IC toolkit

Appreciative Inquiry in Community Development


Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a tool for doing this. Incorporating all of the voices in the community or organization, AI leverages the most positive possibilities in communities and organizations. Unlike the traditional problem-based tools and models that focus on what is not working well, AI focuses on what is working well (appreciative) by engaging people in asking questions and telling stories (inquiry). Through constructive dialogue, new possibilities are then imagined and new partnerships created to bring the desired future into being...  more

Practice Examples

Program Archives


Imagine Chicago has served as a catalyst and connector, remaining a small organization with many partners. Each year, individuals and organizations have worked with Imagine Chicago on initiatives that invite civic reflection about the city, link communities, and stimulate ideas for collaborative action. The development projects have been funded separately, with each developing capacity to continue the process of civic innovation....  more

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