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Tools and activities developed by Imagine Chicago, click here for IC toolkit


Appreciative Inquiry. An overview of Appreciative Inquiry’s use in community development as practiced by Imagine Chicago has been included as a whole section under the Resources section of this website.  The AI Commons is a much larger treasure chest of AI related theory and practice in many contexts and is highly recommended.


Open Space Technology (OST) is a way for groups to self organize in parallel working sessions around strategic topics,  with responsibility for documenting conversation and getting things done entrusted to participants.  The principles, practices, and process honor and leverage each person's passion and call forth ideas and commitment to take responsibility for action. Visit website for more information.  


The World Café is a simple methodology for hosting conversations about questions that matter. Conversations connect and build on each other as people shift table groups, cross-pollinating ideas and expanding collective imagination about the topics at hand.  Resources are available at the World Cafe' website.


Asset Based Community Development  (ABCD), established by Northwestern University's Institute for Policy Research has produced many practical resources and tools for community builders to identify, nurture, and mobilize community assets.  Visit website for more information.  





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