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Consulting Services


Imagine Chicago offers consulting services to community, corporate and government partners on civic and youth engagement, appreciative inquiry, strengthening collaboration, strategic visioning, event design and civic curriculum or project development. We support and mentor organizations and communities as they consider engaging new constituencies , improving communications or creating community vision plans or projects, including new Imagine initiatives...  more



Imagine Chicago offers master classes in Chicago and is often brought in as a trainer by business, government, education, civic, church and community organizations throughout the world. Training hosts/sponsors have included KCC (London), Attractor (Denmark), United Way of Indiana, British Council, Anglican Synod of W Australia, St. Catherine’s College, Perth,  WAMA Training and Development, Australia, Ministry of the Premier and Cabinet, W Australia, Ethnic Communities Council of WA, Celebrate WA and Imagine the Future, City of Mandurah.... more

Keynote Speaking


A great keynote speech engages, inspires and focuses attention. Bliss Browne, President of Imagine Chicago has been privileged to give keynote presentations at a wide variety of business, government, education, and NGO conferences, both in the US and around the world... more



Since 1998, Imagine Chicago has served as a facilitator for global conferences, business meetings, community events and strategic visioning processes, often where people want to enter into a “conversation with the future” of their community or organization or to do strategic team or community building. Imagine Chicago has built a reputation of facilitating reliably constructive and inspiring events which include wide ranges of participants and which move from idea to action in a way which is uncommonly diverse and creative....  more



Bliss Browne is available by the hour or day as a personal or organizational executive coach. The principal aim of coaching is to improve personal and organizational understanding and effectiveness. Coaching involves asking meaningful questions and listening and commenting in a way which encourages learning, broadens perspectives, expands knowledge and inspires needed actions and changes...   more



“The Conference was a phenomenal success – thanks in large part to your inspired leadership and facilitation…I wanted to pass along my personal thanks, as well as express the formal appreciation of our Board and staff, for your contribution to the success of the conference and also to the Sustainable Cities: PLUS Network. The success is reflected not only by conventional indicators that have to do with the acquiring of knowledge and networking opportunities, but also by the profoundly moving personal insights and relationships experienced by the participants. Terms such as “magical” and “transforming” speak to the dimension that was added by including the creative artists and youth within the daily program.”

– Nola-Kate Seymoar, Ph.D., President and CEO of Sustainable Cities, Vancouver, Canada,...   more


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